Елена 2014

on-the-road-to-elenaInternational EGSAMP Summerschool in Elena 19 – 24 July, 2014

Sein und Freiheit – Being and Freedom


p r o g r a m m e

  • 19.07, 18.30
    Eröffnung der Sommerschule
  • 20.07,  10:00
    Alessandro Palazzo (Prof.) Trento

Geomancy as a Model of Operative Rationality in the Middle Ages

  • 20.07, 11:00

Simeon Mladenov (Student) Sofia

Anselm of Canterbury on the connection between being and freedom. Anthropological aspects.

  • 20.07, 12:00

Martin Ossikovski (Dr.) Sofia

A wink to dilemmas of our own: Some pre-modern thinkers on profit and usury

  • 20.07, 16:00

Georgi Kapriev (Prof.) Sofia

Sein-Freiheit bei Maximus Confessor

  • 20.07, 17:00

Smilen Markov (Dr.) Veliko Tarnovo

Autonomy and encounter: the economy of freedom in Byzantine philosophy

  • 20.07, 18:00

Michaela Shanova (PhD Student) Sofia

„My weight is my love – it brings me, wherever I wear“ ( Augistine, Confessions, XIII,IX,10)

  • 21.07, 10:00

Michele Trizio (Prof.) Bari / Köln

On the Greek Sources of Robert Grosseteste’s Commentary on Posterior Analytics: New Findings and their Impact on the Chronology of Medieval Aristotle Translation

  • 21.07, 11:00

Athanas Nanev (Student) Sofia

Metaphysics in al-Farabi’s Classification of Sciences

  • 21.07, 12:00

Todor Todorov (Dr.) Sofia

Metaphysics of intellect versus metaphysics of being in the Arabic medieval tradition

  • 21.07, 16:00

Slava Yanakieva (PhD Student) Sofia

Devil’s Rights and Man’s Freedom in Two Late Medieval English Dramatic Texts

  • 21.07, 17:00

Katerina Georgieva (Student) Sofia

Specificity of perceiving the body by Augustine of Hippo and Johannes Scotus Eriugena. The theoretical frame and reception in medieval culture

  • 22.07, 10:00

Francesca Bonini (PhD Student) Trento

The Lectura Thomasina of William of Peter of Godin and the question Utrum esse et essentia differant in rebus creates

  • 22.07, 11:00

Diana Di Segni (Dr.) Cologne

Philosophical quotations from the Guide of the Perplexed in Ramón Martí’s Pugio Fidei

  • 22.07, 16:00

Maxime Mauriège (Dr.) Cologne

Die Compilatio mystica als Versuch einer Systematisierung der volkssprachigen Lehre Meister Eckharts und seiner ‘Schule’

  • 22.07, 17:00

Milan Dordevic  (Prof.), Ana Dordevic (Student) Skopje

Von Sklaven, Knechten und Söhnen. Der Motivationsbegriff in der byzantinischen asketischen Ethik und das persönlichkeitspsychologische Konzept der funktionellen Autonomie

  • 23.07, 10:00

Vitor Bragança (Prof.) Rio de Janeiro

The priority of individuality in Duns Scotus

  • 23.07, 11:00

Gergana Dineva (Dr.) Sofia

The concept of incommunicability as the ontological fundament of freedom within the teaching of John Duns Scotus

  • 23.07, 12:00

Nikolay Petkov  (Dr.) Schumen

Gregory Of Narek’s The Book of the sad songs: between being and freedom

  • 23.07, 16:00

Alexandra Dokova (PhD Student) Sofia

The Body in the Medieval Latin and Byzantine Philosophy (Thomas Aquinas and Gregory Palamas)

  • 23.07, 17:00

Savina Petkova (Student) Sofia

Limits of freedom concerning the ‘semper morimur’ motif in Petrarch’s Epistola XXIV, 1. A meditation on Renaissance anthropology

  • 23.07, 18:00

Andreas Speer (Prof.) Cologne

Contemplation and Wisdom

  • 23.07, 19:00

Billanz der Sommerschule

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